Case Study

Level8Connection uses Arctro to build its brand, website, and manufacturing business with our products and offerings.


Level8Connection is using Arctro to to develop it's new brand line Caesar Salad. Arctro was contracted to build it's website, brand, and to connect it with manufacturers and distributors for it's new products.

To stand out in a competitive market Arctro created a unique brand inspired by the works of Barbera Kruger and commenting on fashion brand Supreme's success. By parodying both Kruger's and Supreme's bright and colourful aesthetic with a black and counter-cultural style, Caesar Salad gained a unique and striking brand identity.

Arctro then built a custom Shopify website and created custom imagery for Caesar Salad based off this brand identity in order to further enforce this brand identity. Lastly Arctro helped Caesar Salad navigate the complex and risky pathway through prototyping, development, and distribution of a new product.